K-Pop Group; History’s Profile


This is History’s Profile which consists of five members, each with their own personalities and information.



        송경일 Song Kyung-Il

Position :   Leader/Sub Vocal/Rapper
Birthday:   1987.11.28
Height/Weight:  183cm / 72kg
Blood type: A
Facts:Appeared in IU’s ‘Beautiful Dancer’ MV.


            나도균 Na, Do-Kyun

Position:     Main Vocal
Birthday:     1991. 02. 01
Height/Weigth:   184cm / 65kg
Blood type: O

Facts:Voice of Love Rain OST Part. 2 – 그대니까요 (Because it’s you)



김시형 Kim, Si-Hyoung

Position:   Rapper
Birthday:    1992. 05. 15
Height/Weight:    182cm / 63kg
Blood type: A

Facts:Appeared on Comedy TV Variety ‘얼짱시대’ (Ulzzang Generation) Season III



장이정 Jang, Yi-Jeong

Position: Main Vocal
Birthday:    1993. 09. 10
Height/Weight: 173cm / 58kg
Blood type: A

Facts: Appeared on MBC’s 스타오디션 ‘위대한 탄생’ Season II (Star Audition: The Great Birth)



김재호 Kim, Jae-Ho

Position:  Sub Vocal / Rapper
Birthday: 1992. 09. 17
Height/Weight: 174cm / 58kg
Blood type: B


One thought on “K-Pop Group; History’s Profile

  1. I would love to see them more! I get M Net here in America and would like to see them succeed!

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